VBHC Dragons Grant and Endorsement

May 14th, 2024 – VBHC Dragons Grant and Endorsement 2024

The Value-Based Dragons Grant & Endorsement is developed in the interest of bringing together highly experienced early adopters of the Value-Based Health Care concept and pioneering early stage initiatives. The goal is to endorse the VBHC rough diamonds that need some shaping and grant the VBHC growth diamonds that need to scale up in order to accelerate their VBHC initiative. These nominees are the VBHC Prize winners of the future.

The Dragons Grant winner receives support and advice on upscaling worth of €10.000,-. Moreover, the winner will also be able to pitch their initiative during the VBHC Prize 2024 on May 15th and benefit from all media attention and communication surrounding the event. This way, they build up momentum and we create traction for their initiative.

“Participation in the competition inspired us to continue our activities, and the Jury Raport gives us valuable tips on how to plan our future activities”

– Ewa Bandurska, PhD | Pomeranian Model for Integrated Care, Winner VBHC Dragons Grant 2021 –

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VBHC Dragons Grant 2023 Nominees


Copernico. The Copernico project aims to apply a value-based healthcare approach, that could be personalised to take into account different patients’ needs, to enhance the care experience of individuals affected by Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) and treated at the Maugeri Research Hospital, Milan. Read more…


Clear.bio Diabetes mellitus (DM) is the fastest growing chronic disease, with almost 1 billion patients by
2050. In Europe only, there are now over 68 million patients. This disease has led to more than a
300% increase in healthcare costs over the last 15 years. Type 2 diabetes (DM2) is lifestyle related, yet the standard treatment is pills, which fail to stop the progression of this disease. Read more…


SiriusLink. An opportunity for process optimisation with advanced data science along the complete surgical breast cancer care pathway. Read more…


OR4.0 – Operating Room 4.0. Healthcare expenditure represents on average 8.3% of European GDP. As highly complex organisations, typically with thousands of employees and hundreds of admissions and operations performed every day, hospitals represent an approximate staggering 60% of total healthcare spending. A large hospital can conduct more than 50,000 surgical interventions every year and spend over 100 million euros on the operational costs of the surgical process, which does not include investment in new and expensive equipment.   Read more…


3P Program for Parkinson Patients. The 3P Program is a proactive care management program, with outcome-driven care plans adapted to the real needs of the patients. This means that we do not only consider just the symptoms, we consider the needs of patients and caregivers. All dimensions of the patient’s quality of life are considered: physical, psychological, social and essential. For this, different channels are used and work is done in a joint and coordinated manner with the reference Hospitals. Read more…

VBHC Dragons Endorsement 2023 Nominees


Care Pathway for Chronic Low Back Pain. Low Back Pain has a high incidence worldwide with significant impact on physical, psychological and social well-being of patients. Moreover it often evolves into chronicity with impact on quality of life. With this pathway, we focus on patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP) (>3 months), without previous surgical interventions. Read more…


Optimizing Colorectal Cancer Care Pathways to Improve Patient Value. This VBHC Implementation Demonstration Project is focused on value-based re-organization of care delivery and outcomes for people living with colorectal cancer (CRC). It represents the first formal real-time effort to study and optimize the full CRC patient care pathway in a Canadian healthcare system. It is the first documented simultaneous application of key VBHC components in a clinical setting. Read more…


Health Value Score implementation in Brazil. 2im, a scale up of VBHC, developed a health data analysis platform that supports the construction of lines of care and published the “Health Value Score (EVS)”, a formula that evaluates the Quality Index (QI) – indicators of processes, outcome and patient experience – related to the Cost Index (CI) – cost indicators – with an MCDA method, applicable in various medical conditions. Read more…


Improved shared decision making of resuscitation and ICU. In common practice, the conversation about reanimation and ICU admission is often done at the emergency department by inexperienced doctors in a stressful environment. Half of the patients did not recall these conversations.  Of these patients, only 80% remembered the decision made. Two thirds experienced this conversation afterwards as being positive or normal.ref To improve this important decision and make it less stressful, a quiet and relaxing environment for patients and doctors is essential.  Read more…



Time is brain – the urgent need for value-based care in neurology. The burden of neurological conditions is huge, costing the European society yearly 800b€, more than diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, and oncology combined (similar numbers in the USA). In addition, up to 70% of patients don’t respond to neurological treatments.  Hence, there is a huge need for precision medicine and value-based care in neurology. Read more…

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