Nominees 2020


The Afferden Initiative aims for a new way of working. General practitioners and the community Afferden in the Netherlands work together to improve the positive health of the community. Read more


Blockchain for Burden Free and Trusted VBHC contracting.  At DIGIPHARM, we have built the world’s first blockchain-based platforms for value-based pricing of healthcare. We use blockchain to create a medical information infrastructure that enables trust in outcomes that will be used for healthcare reimbursement and smart contracts to remove the administrative burden of tracking and executing these agreements.Read more


Cardiobstetric Center: a team-based approach to improve maternal outcomes in a middle-income country. Cardio-obstetrics Center is a dedicated team committed to improving continuously the health outcomes for women with cardiovascular disease and contemplating pregnancy, are pregnant or in their post-delivery period, covering the full cycle of care, whereas we move toward make the cost lower and transparent for all. Read more


Chronisch Zorgnet: a healthcare network providing high-quality exercise and lifestyle care for patients with NCDs aims to provide easily accessible, nationwide, high-quality exercise and lifestyle therapy by specialized physical therapists, to all patients with non-communicable diseases. Read more


Joint Value is an innovative integrated care network that in collaboration with patients, creates value over the full patient journey of inflammatory arthritis. This IPU (digital) network connects patients, primary care and national hospitals by implementing Porter’s VBHC strategy and strives to estimate its effect in an evidence-based manner. Read more



KLIK PROM Portal KLIK is an evidence-based PROM portal for patients with different medical conditions and implemented in daily clinical practice. The KLIK PROM expert team combines expertise on PROMs, the system and implementation to support teams using PROMs for patient-centered care and VBHC.  Read more



OSAsense aims to provide a validated assessment for the risk of sleep apnea and to safely exclude patients from unnecessary burdensome diagnostic testing. Read more



Patient Reported Outcomes and Healthcare Utilization. Cleveland Clinic Community Care’s Patient Entered Data initiative aims to integrate patient responses to standard screening questions in the care decisions carried out by interdisciplinary care teams. The teams made up of physicians, advance practice providers, nurses, care coordinators, social workers, pharmacists, and behavioral health workers, use this data to identify patient, family and community-specific resources, with the goal of reducing unnecessary use of healthcare services and improving patient health and functioning. Read more



Programa Contigo by Keralty seeks to provide, efficient palliative care for patients with life-threatening chronic diseases in advanced, progressive and incurable phases; with the purpose of improving their quality of life, reducing their suffering, and providing support to their families, through a model of interdisciplinary care focused on people. Read more


Rapid Recovery in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty: a Case of Improved Value for Patients Given the pressure of the 9 to 12 months waiting lists and the lack of available beds, the aim of the initiative is to find a way to increase the number of surgeries guaranteeing the level of clinical excellence and patient experience. Using an Evidence-based approach, this need brought us to introduce a Rapid Recovery program in our clinical pathway to discharge patient in 5 days. Read more



Santeon Samen Beter programma (Santeon Together Better Program). The Santeon Samen Beter program is unique in which 7 hospitals closely work together on a daily basis for 14 medical conditions. The program involves over 90 multidisciplinary teams across the 7 hospitals. The aim is to improve health care in the Netherlands by reaching better patient outcomes at reduced costs for care provided by the 7 Santeon hospitals, and by sharing our learnings and results with other healthcare organizations.  Read more

(12) The aim of the initiative is to provide transparency to patients with unfulfilled child wish in the outcomes of the full cycle of care that truly matter to them as a basis for shared decision making, for creating realistic expectations and by improving quality of life. The initiative is besides that used for internal learning cycles to improve quality of care and for the external comparison with fertility centres (inter)nationally in order to learn from best practices. Read more


Zorgmonitor (Healthcare monitor): measuring and acting on outcome information of head and neck cancer patients. Their aim is to improve quality of care and strengthen patient empowerment and shared decision making by using patient reported outcome and experience measures within a structurally implemented ePRO structure for head and neck cancer patients. Read more