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Attend the 11th edition of the VBHC Prize Event

The VBHC Prize is coming back on May 15, 2024 to recognize exceptional VBHC initiatives, celebrate our 11 years legacy of pioneering VBHC implementation worldwide and get inspired with the change we make as the members of our VBHC community! This year we cherish the wisdom we have acquired, while we also look into the future of the VBHC field. As our pool of excellent VBHC initiatives grows, we are particularly delighted to have an opportunity to celebrate this and past years’ initiatives with you!

This year we invite you to join Prize 2024 both in person and online. Attend the event to witness the dynamic nominee pitches, panel discussions, and keynote speakers, live voting for the Community Award (will account for 50% of the final score), and of course the awarding of the VBHC Prize 2024, Community Award, and Excellence Awards!

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