Nominees VBHC Prize 2022


Chronic Care Australia. They are seeking to further improve value-based healthcare outcomes with their exercise medicine programs by strategically executing real-world pilots for disease-specific complex care chronic conditions. Their mission is to remove the barriers to whole-person healthcare ensuring all communities can live well for longer. Read more…



Humanitas Value Based Care Model in Pre-Operative Admissions. The initiative aims at applying a systematic Value Based Healthcare approach in order to improve one of the most complex and transversal (to all units) hospital services – pre-operative assessment – thus increasing Value from the surgical patient’s perspective.
Therefore, the purpose is providing a comprehensive hospital Care Model based on Value, supported by a quality and safety culture and from innovation, with everyone engaged in delivering high value services through multidisciplinary, networking, and partnerships, involving patients and monitoring results through a real time digital governance system. Read more


Improving Oral Service Delivery and Outcomes using the Principles of VBHC. Dental Health Services Victoria’s Value Based Health Care Initiative is co-designed with consumers, and aims to drive patient-centred care, measure outcomes that matters to patients and transform service delivery to create value for patients. Read more


Joint Health Program. The Joint Health Program at Duke University Health System aims to restore, preserve and enhance musculoskeletal health and quality of life by supporting and empowering individuals through personalized biological, psychological, and social evaluation and treatment approaches. The initiative delivers superior value by utilizing a central condition-specific primary osteoarthritis provider, effectively decreases fragmented and unnecessary treatments, and maintains long-term patient centered care and communication. Read more


KFSH & RC: Journey of Transformation in a Tertiary Care Hospital. King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH&RC) is the leading tertiary care center in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf Region. KFSH&RC is embarking on a transformational initiative that embraces value-based healthcare as a key cross-cutting transformation theme. The transformation initiative was influenced by the transformation within the healthcare system in Saudi Arabia including the introduction of new payment models for healthcare services in the country based on valueRead more


Pay-for-Performance Bundled Payment Breast Cancer Care Program. KFSYSCC aims to use a patient-centered interdisciplinary team approach to improve 5-year overall survival and function of breast cancer patients while containing healthcare costs. Read more



Pediatric Hematology Oncology IPU in a Tertiary Care Setting. During an oncology patients’ journey there is a plethora of events that patients and caregivers have to typically experience in a hospital setting from pre-diagnosis stage through treatment and post-treatment follow-up that influences their care, overall well-being and financial sustainability during with the treatment process i.e., for patients/caregivers and the institute. It is of paramount significance to address specific healthcare key performance indicator (KPI). To better understand each hospital -metric indicator with its associated components of care it is vital to recognize the processes & effects on the healthcare systems for seamless operations for improved patient experience. Read more


SAZ Value Based Health Care Program. The SAZ is a collaboration of 29 regional hospitals in the Netherlands. SAZ was interested in improving the quality of their care, whilst keeping it comprehensive and affordable. They wanted to implement a Value-Based Healthcare program to achieve this. The group teamed up with healthcare analytics provider LOGEX to ensure the program would be based on the existing data of the care providers involved.  Read more


Standard Treatment or Active Surveillance of Low-Risk Ductal Carcinoma In Situ in the LORD-trial. Their aim is to determine if active surveillance for low grade DCIS is as safe as conventional treatment, i.e. the rate of women without invasive breast cancer in the same breast after 10 years of follow-up should not differ significantly between both study arms. Read more



Value-Based Health Care in Ophthalmology. How a strong VBHC-IT based Ophthalmology IPU scales up the team and improves patient value.  Read more



Vanderbilt Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement System. The Vanderbilt Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement System (VPROMS) is an initiative designed to make the measurement of outcomes that matter to patients part of routine clinical care at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. By seamlessly integrating patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) into the electronic health record, we make these outcomes available to patients and clinicians during real-time clinical care as well as for quality improvement and research endeavors. Read more


VBHC for patients with abdominal neoplasms and carcinomatosis in an IPU in Colombia. How VBHC implementation helps to move Colombia and the region to better and affordable health care for cancer patients. Read more


New frontiers for fairer breast cancer care in a globalized world. In early 2020, the book and E-book “Breast cancer: Global Quality Care” was published by Oxford University Press. It became an international success. The aim is to help ease the burden and suffering of women with breast cancer across the globe.
During the past two years a lot of activities were organised to promote a fairer breast cancer care. The project is continuously under review from the faculty. The plan is to arrive to an open access platform freely available to all interested people (second edition and open access of the book ) . Read more