Winners 2019

Curious about the winners of the VBHC Prize 2019? Read all about the winners on this page!


VBHC Prize 2019 winners

Good Life with Osteoarthritis in Denmark (GLA:D®) is a not-for-profit initiative launched by a research team at the University of Southern Denmark in 2013 with the aim of implementing guidelines for the treatment of knee and hip OA in clinical practice in order to facilitate evidence-based, high-quality care of patients with OA. Read more


Value-Based HIV Care aims to increase value of HIV care, OLVG has developed a selected set of HIV care indicators, made data to these indicators easily accessible to multidisciplinary teams which are supported towards ongoing improvement of care. Patients and health care insurers are included in this doctor-led initiative. Read more

This award is endorsed by Erasmus MC and STZ

Dental Health Services Victoria’s Value Based Oral Health Care Model aims to achieve value from a patient perspective by influencing the public dental system to shift away from a supply-driven health care system organised around volume, output and what clinicians prescribe, towards a patient-centered system organised around what patients need and value. Read more

This award is endorsed by The Decision Group and The Decision Institute

HartWacht aims to improve patient value (quality of life, quality of care) and lower total healthcare costs by optimization of healthcare delivery, making use of new healthcare technologies. It is an innovative healthcare concept that was set up through a collaboration of a healthcare provider (CCN), various (international) health technology providers (Luscii, AliveCor, Heart for Health) and an insurance company (Zilveren Kruis). Read more

This award is endorsed by Amgen and MSD

A Holistic, Scalable, Value-Based Care Pathway for Lung Cancer Patients was set up to increase patient empowerment, involvement of GP’s and multidisciplinary team interactions in an automated, digital care pathway for lung cancer patients with the final aim of reducing side effects, increasing quality of life (and hopefully survival), improving early supportive care and lowering costs for care team and payer without compromising on outcomes.  Read more

This award is endorsed by Isala and Zilveren Kruis