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The Value-Based Health Care Prize seeks to recognize those projects that have adopted a fundamentally new line of thinking in creating value for patients in terms of real outcomes, real cost, real connections, one common language and are doctor-led initiatives.

The VBHC Prize is a Prize that recognizes, supports and embraces initiatives that redefine health care. Each year, one excellent initiative is awarded the VBHC Prize, a prestigious award that boosts this initiative in many ways. Next year, the VBHC Prize Event will take place on the 10th of May 2023. 



The VBHC Concept In Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) we aim to maximize patient value by centering care around the patient. This can be achieved by measuring relevant health outcomes and their costs.

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The VBHC Prize The VBHC Prize rewards and recognizes inspiring initiatives that have adopted a fundamentally new line of thinking in creating excellent patient value in terms of real outcomes and real costs.

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Meet the winners This year the winners of the VBHC Prize were announced at the inspiring event on May 11th, 2022! 


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The Value-Based Health Care Prize is the pinnacle initiative of the organizing auspices of the Value-Based Health Care Center Europe.