Nominees VBHC Prize 2017



Become inspired by the initiatives nominated for the VBHC Prize 2017! Here you can find out how these initiatives create excellent patient value by watching the pitches they presented at the VBHC Prize Event 2017.



“Diabeter aims to decrease the burden of type 1 diabetes for patients and their families. We deliver individualized and comprehensive care, helping our patients to achieve superior outcomes and to live a better life with fewer complications. We do this by empowering patients through self-care, offering a warm, motivating non-clinical experience with 24/7 expert support. We ensure excellence through measuring, tracking and analyzing outcomes for every patient.”Read more …diabeter



Value-based healthcare in pulmonary sarcoidosis

“Participating hospitals collect, exchange and discuss their outcomes with the aim to identify best practices in order to improve value for pulmonary sarcoidosis patients.”Read more …


Netherlands Heart Network

The NHN aims to continuously improve outcomes that matter most to cardiac patients. Subsequently, those patient relevant outcomes are delivered at the lowest costs. Since all relevant healthcare providers are involved in the NHN, patient centered pathways covering the full cycle of care are standardized and optimized based on insights in outcomes.”Read more …nhn


Desired care during the last phase of life

Meditta, Anders Beter, ZonMw, Zuyderland, Versterking, Netwerk Palliatieve Zorg, CZ, Apotheek Maasland, Huis voor Zorg, Maastricht University, IQ Scientific Center of Quality of Healthcare, Radboud UMC and MMC Omnes.”Through the early identification of patients’ wishes and needs during the end of life as well as the multidisciplinary approach, covering the complete care cycle, our pathway improves the quality of dying, prevents health care misuse and overuse, and prevents informal caregivers from becoming overburdened.”Read more …all



Cardiologie Central Nederland, Focus Cura and Cordaan”The aim of G-Watch is to reduce Emergency Department-presentations and hospital admissions and increase Quality of Life for elderly with Heart Disease by enabling them to self-manage via a telerehabilitation program that connects them 24/7 to cardiac and elderly experts.”Read more …g-watch



Isala, Deventer Ziekenhuis, RAV ijsselland, Witte Kruis”Famous triage aims to achieve a worldwide accessible, efficient and safe, triage method in chest pain patients to improve patient service and reduce emergency crowding with considerable less cost.”Read more …famous


MyIBDcoach Project

Maastricht University Medical Center & Stichting mijn IBD coach”The aim of this project was to validate the effects of the telemedicine tool myIBDcoach compared to standard care on healthcare utilisation and patient-reported quality of care (PRQoC) in a pragmatic randomised trial. “Read more …ibd



Value Based HIV Care

Aiming to increase value of HIV care, OLVG has developed a selected set of HIV care indicators, made data to these indicators easily accessible to multidisciplinary teams which are supported towards ongoing improvement of care. Patients and health care insurers are included in this doctor-led initiative. “Read more …olvg


Benchmarking Mental Health Care

ROM and Benchmarking aims to enhance quality of MHC (effectiveness and efficiency) by providing transparency about outcomes and costs to all stakeholders: patients, providers, and financiers (insurers). A secure website presents detailed information, which offers up-to-date feedback on outcomes to providers and insures. An additional public website with information for patients regarding their disorder, available treatments, providers, and their outcomes is under development and due in 2018.”Read more …stichting-benchmark


A virtual asthma clinic for children

A virtual asthma clinic for children: improving asthma control in children while reducing visits t the outpatient clinic by 50%”Read more …radboud



Menzis & Santeon”The VBHC@Santeon initiative aims to continuously improve value to our patients by improving outcome and cost over the full cycle of care for 20-25 conditions in 2020. Transparency on outcomes and costs is a key part of the initiative, as is including patients, professionals from all relevant disciplines and health insurers in the effort. “Read more …santeon-menzis



Closing the Loop

Handtherapie Nederland & Xpert clinic & Erasmus Medical Center”Our initiative aims to improve patient empowerment, shared decision making, transparency and continuous learning during healthcare delivery. “Read more …cloring-the-loop-all



The Dutch Surgical Colorectal Audit

The nationwide Dutch Surgical Colorectal Audit (DSCA) was initiated by the Association of Surgeons of the Netherlands to monitor, evaluate and improve care for colorectal cancer patients.”Read more …