Attend the VBHC Dragons Grant & Endorsement 2024

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Pre-application VBHC Dragons Grant & Endorsement 2024

We are very excited to see that more and more organizations have started to implement VBHC. Do you think your initiative is also on the right VBHC track?
Fill in the pre-application form and receive feedback on 1) whether your initiative meets the VBHC requirements and 2) how you can strengthen your formal application to increase your chance to get nominated for the VBHC Dragons Grant and Endorsement 2024.

Please try to answer the following questions in the pre-application form. If you cannot answer all questions, elaborate on the questions that are applicable to you.

  1. Does the initiative focus on one or more medical conditions?
  2. How is patient value defined? Are patient relevant outcomes for the medical condition(s) specified and are there (verified) measures?
  3. Are interdisciplinary teams, in the form of integrated practice units (IPUs), involved in the initiative?
  4. Are there (international) collaborations in your IPU/project that together contribute to creating patient value?
  5. Are costs transparent throughout the full cycle of care?
  6. Are there bundled payments and/or Value-Based contracts?
  7. To what extent is Data accessebility incorporated?

Pre-application deadline: January 15th, 2024

For inspiration, you can find examples of initiatives from previous nominees here!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the following email address or call +31(0)20-4040111.