Diatech: improving shared decision making on technological treatment options

The Free Digital Diabetes Tool ensuring patient, regardless of their knowledge or experience, to make informed decisions optimizing diabetes management and improving quality of life.

Pitch Initiative:

In the past decades more and more technological resources have become available for people with diabetes to help optimize glucose regulation and reduce the burden of disease. Diabetes technology has been shown to reduce glucose variability and improve HbA1c and quality of life, and to decrease chances of developing micro- and macrovascular complications.  
However, research shows that both people with diabetes and their caretakers indicate a need for basic and structured information about the (im)possibilities of diabetes technology and its impact on self-management. Most available information on diabetes technology is highly detailed and specialized, and not very accessible to non-specialists. This lack of basic information hinders shared and informed decision making about optimal treatment strategies. People with diabetes may now be missing out on technological opportunities to improve glucose regulation and reduce chances of developing complications. For others, unrealistic expectations and disappointment may lead to the decision to stop using diabetes technology.

To facilitate optimal shared decision making on diabetes technology we have developed  ‘Diatech’. Diatech aims to inform both people with diabetes and their caretakers about the (im)possibilities of diabetes technology, facilitating informed and shared decisions on the use of diabetes technology. The Diatech initiative includes a) a conversation tool, b) an ‘interactive pdf’, c) an online training, d) short video’s and e) posters.

a) The conversation tool consists of 8 themes and related questions about diabetes technology (e.g. ‘How can diabetes technology impact my self-management?’). These themes and questions can be used by both people with diabetes and their caretakers in (preparing) a consultation to discuss the options of diabetes technology. The conversation tool is available online and hard-copy.

b) All themes and questions from the conversation tool are further explained in an online ‘interactive pdf’. This interactive pdf provides with background information and answers to all suggested questions. All information is written in understandable (B1-level) language with appealing pictures to guarantee accessibility to all potential users.  c) A 30-minute online training about using the conversation tool and interactive pdf is available for diabetes caretakers. d) Two short (1-minute) animated video’s about  Diatech are available for people with diabetes and diabetes caretakers. e) (Waiting room) Posters containing a link and QR code to the interactive pdf are available to promote the use of Diatech.
To encourage the use of Diatech, all materials are freely available online for all people with diabetes and their caretakers. All online information is hosted by ‘Diabetes.nl’, a joint initiative of various Dutch diabetes associations to provide objective and understandable information on diabetes. The online training for caretakers is freely available on MedNet.

At the start of Diatech (February 1st), a set of conversation tools and posters was sent to all hospitals in the Netherlands (for free).
The aim of Diatech is to provide the opportunity for informed choices about diabetes technology for EVERYONE with diabetes, regardless of one’s knowledge or experience with technology or the knowledge/experience of diabetes caretakers.

For more inspiration, please take a look at diabetes.nl/diatech