Become a partner of the VBHC Dragons Grant and Endorsement!

Why become a partner of the VBHC Dragons Grant and Endorsement?

Endorse: promising VBHC initiatives of both the VBHC Dragons Grant and VBHC Dragons Endorsement awards.
Promote: your organization as VBHC advocate worldwide & use the special VBHC Partner logo to promote your partnership.
Expand: your organization’s reach by being linked to the VBHC Dragons and the powerful VBHC concept with >450.000 media reach.
Advance: your market reach by following the trends happening in healthcare firsthand.
Meet: the VBHC community. Bring as many colleagues as you like to the VBHC Dragons 2023.
Obtain: three tickets for the hybrid VBHC Prize Event on May 10th 2023 (the day after the VBHC Dragons) and a discount for your network.
Expose: your organizations through personalized video content & media marketing.
Publish: an interview in- and logo on the backpage of the VBHC Thinkers Magazine with an international reach of >150.000.

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