Knowledge is power. MediMapp is the one app you need to help take control of your cancer concerns. Delivered wirelessly to your mobile device, the output of MediMapp consists of clear, expert information that provides straightforward answers to stressful questions: What happens next? How will I feel after this test? What is this exam designed to find? Are there side-effects with this prescription? All these questions and queries can be accessed via a mobile device to minimize stress and guarantee peace of mind, so that the patient can focus on recovery process. Use it on your mobile device to settle your mind and help you heal.

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Cancer is complex, confusing and frightening. You can clear the confusion with MediMapp’s easy-to-understand, concise and accurate explanations. MediMapp synthesizes the best available medical knowledge and offers it seamlessly through a single portal on your mobile device. It eliminates the litter of pamphlets and brochures, the maze of websites and the clouds of questions. MediMapp is the one source that meets all your information needs on tests, procedures, outcomes and prognosis.

MediMapp’s sophisticated algorithms give individualized information on your condition by answering your questions as they arise, with specific and well-organised information. MediMapp will communicate coherent information on your illness in order to let you fully understand your personal treatment. MediMapp provides:
1. Individualized, relevant information. It’s about you–and only you.
2. Organized, concise information that prepares you for your course of treatment.
With MediMapp, you know what to expect, what it means, how to handle it.

In MediMapp, information is conveyed in a simple outline on an easy-to-use display with large buttons and comprehensible text which is illustrated with visual aids. Gone are the days of clicking through scrolls of small-font webpages filled with medical terms that are not suitable for readers. MediMapp delivers knowledge quickly and easily. If you want more detail, it’s available and the intuitive interface lets you find it easily. The MediMapp application works on a smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer. It is ready for use once your doctor refers you to a cancer specialist. Under the care of your cancer
specialist, you will receive a clear, individualized care plan, and you may borrow a tablet during your hospital stay. The tablet is completely integrated with the central medical records as well as to your medical team’s entries. You and your care team always have synchronised, up-todate information on your recovery.

Using checklists designed for your unique case, your cancer specialist and care team will enter data into your tablet so you can access it and understand it through MediMapp. Sending and receiving status updates is also managed here.

Benefits of MediMapp

1. As a patient, you get a better understanding of your condition through individualized
and organized information
2. Your healthcare team members are able to personalize patient information
3. Checklists organize information in a coherent fashion
4. Structured checklists lead to fewer double registrations, clearer answers
5. All information is integrated with the central medical records system

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