HartWacht is an innovative healthcare concept that was set up through a collaboration of a healthcare provider (CCN), various (international) health technology providers (Luscii, AliveCor, Heart for Health) and an insurance company (Zilveren Kruis).


Aim and relevance

Globally, the demand for cardiovascular care is rising due to the ageing populations, increased cardiovascular risk and the quest for personalized care. However, resources are limited.

The “classic” healthcare system cannot meet these requirements. Therefore, an affordable and scalable solution is needed. The aim of the program is to increase population health, improve the quality of care and lower the per capita costs by making use of new health technologies.


Patient description and involvement

Patients are selected for HartWacht by their cardiologist based on their diagnosis and protocolized inclusion and exclusion criteria. Patients can then share their data with their healthcare provider and the results will be integrated in their electronic patient file. By making both the home measurements and the other relevant medical data online available to the patients, they are encouraged to participate actively in their healthcare processes. In addition, therapy and policy are focused around patient data and adapted continuously if needed. Interventions include lifestyle advice if appropriate, change in medication, education about disease and/or additional diagnostics, thereby forming an IPU.



HartWacht consists of home measurement devices that are connected with applications for smartphone or tablet, integration of home measurements with the electronic patient file, a dedicated team that interprets home measurements supported by smart algorithms and a nationwide network of outpatient clinics which can be visited by the patients if needed. The concept is financed through bundled payment schemes. Patient value is measured through standardized questionnaires.


Size and scope

Currently, over 1.200 patients with hypertension, arrhythmia or heart failure have made use of HartWacht. This number is expected to grow rapidly.


Preliminary results

The HartWacht program results in less visits to outpatient clinics and emergency departments, thereby adding value to our healthcare system by improved health outcome with less costs.

Patients enthusiastically responded to their participation in HartWacht. In addition, the treating physicians are satisfied: with less effort they experience faster results of success of their therapy.

To continuously monitor quality and safety and patient outcome, research projects have been initiated. The first results are published in scientific peer reviewed journals and demonstrate a positive effect on safety of the program and patient experience and outcome