Happi Health Platform



In 2014, we organised the first HIV innovation conference attended by hiv-patients, nurses and doctors where we asked ourselves the question how (technical) innovation could help improve the quality of life (QoL) and care of our hiv-patients. This resulted into the launch of the 1th Happi Hiv app in 2016. Happi started as a “Hiv Appi” but has consecutively evolved into a “Health Appi” suitable for managing one’s health and disease for any disease area.

Aim and relevance of the initiative

The aim of the Happi Platform is to provide digital selfcare for patients by giving them knowledge, ease and trust in dealing with their health and disease which will lead to happier and healthier patients. Knowledge is provided by showing health goals on a dashboard. For example, in the Happi Hiv app: therapy effectiveness, therapy tolerance, cardiovascular risk and QoL. When a health goal is reached, a green smiley is shown and orange or red when work is still needed. Ease is provided through digitalisation of recurrent tasks (e.g. order repeat medication, manage pill intake time while travelling, chatbot for filling out PROMs). Finally, trust is given through remote monitoring by healthcare providers via the Happi portal. For example, dermatologist remotely diagnose and treat skin conditions since patients take a photo of their skin via Happi which is then visible in the Happi portal.

Patient description and involvement.

Happi closely collaborates with patients and their organisations. Per disease area, there are patient panels providing Happi with feedback. The patient organisations advertise for Happi on their websites and provide periodic newsletters through the app.

Methods, size & scope.

Every Happi app is developed with patients, a medical champion and patient organisations with a strong emphasis on measuring, monitoring and acting on QoL parameters. Besides Hiv, Happi is now available for patients with a chronic skin disease, a hematological disease and fatty liver disease (summer 2021).

Collaborations / partnerships:

Happi collaborates with Games for Health on the chatbot for PROMs questionnaires and designing a serious game to fight loneliness. The trusted third party Mediquest manages the Happi DataLab in which anonymous data from Happi users is collected for improvement of care. Pharmaceutical companies help finance the development of new features. Happi collaborates with Lairesse pharmacy, so that medication can be ordered through the app and delivered at home for free.

Most important results:
1) Currently, there are around 5000 downloads and over 1000 active users. Happi has created impact on patients’ lives and lives up to its promise of providing digital selfcare
2) high rates in medication delivery survey
3) >700 patients sharing data anonymously with DataLab enabling analyses that improve quality of care for chronic diseases (numbers growing weekly)
4) 2 prizes awarded (winner of the Vintura impact in healthcare award 2019 and the golden DIA award 2020) and nominated for the 2021 national “Zorginnovatie prijs” (health innovation award)        which proves that our vision and impact are recognized by stakeholders in the field.