Formal applicants

Formal applicants VBHC Prize 2018


The nominees of the VBHC Prize were not the only inspiring Value-Based Health Care initiatives that submitted a formal application for the VBHC Prize 2018. Meet some of the formal applicants on this page. We will change the page with other formal applicants every two weeks. Read more about these inspiring VBHC initiatives in their pitches!


The aim of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Heelkunde is to built  a powerful tool to get insight in the value of care of five patientgroups: colorectal cancer, aneurysm, carotid, cholecystectomy and hernia inguinalis. Outcomes and costs were linked on a patient level. Read more



New Generation Care aims to stimulate and realize Patient Centred and High Quality HealthCare through data driven diagnosis and treatment. This will help to move from a supply driven to a demand driven health care industry – with care processes beginning and ending with the patient – the client. This will also help to move from the focus on sickness to the realisation of health – the most important good there is. Read more



FoodforCare offers patients the best possible food and beverages during the most care-dependent and vulnerable times in their lives: during a medical treatment and while recuperating at home. By offering fresh, nutritious and personalised food options – combined with inviting hospitality – FoodforCare aims to improve healthcare and recovery. Read more



The Catharina Ziekenhuis aims to achieve a dynamic algorithm for the reconstruction of facial defects, with an (inter)national tool that measures patients’ satisfaction and is directly updated with the emergence of new evidence. This way we aim to achieve optimal and evidence based shared decision-making, achieving high patient satisfaction. Read more



St. Antonius Ziekenhuis aims to collect, exchange and discuss their outcomes with more participating hospitals with the aim to identify best practices in order to improve value for pulmonary sarcoidosis patients. Read more



In collaboration with the patients, Borstcentrum Zuyd aims to improve the results of surviving breast cancer and the quality of life of patients with- or suspected from breast cancer. Read more



Cardiologie Centra Nederland, Zilveren Kruis and Focus Cura have several aims with HartWacht: Cardiologist on demand, better management of chronic cardiac care, global access to state of the art health care and the initiative is scalable, affordable  and feasible. Read more



The aim of the Isala Women and Children’s Hospital is to improve clinical and patient reported outcomes against equal or lower costs and making these outcomes transparent to the patients. This will increase patient involvement and satisfaction by shared decision making. Read more



The aim of NKI, Borstkankervereniging Nederland, BOOG and EORTC is to determine if active surveillance for low grade DCIS is as safe as conventional treatment, i.e. the rate of women without invasive breast cancer in the same breast after 10 years of follow-up should not differ significantly between both study arms. Read more



The shared savings payment reform of Menzis and Arts en Zorg aims to improve cost-effectiveness by changing the GP payment structure into one that rewards achieving similar patient outcomes at a lower cost. Read more



The Xoft System of Xoft aims to simplify radiation treatment for early stage breast cancer patients by delivering one precise dose of radiation directly to the lumpectomy cavity in a safe and effective procedure. Read more