Value Based Health Care at the Erasmus MC, Care that goes way beyond

Value Based Health Care at the Erasmus MC, Care that goes way beyond



Since the start at the end of 2013 Erasmus MC has been at the national forefront of implementing VBHC into daily clinical practice. Our step-by-step organization wide approach on implementing all different aspects of VBHC focuses on continued learning and improvement on all levels. We started pioneering, together with highly engaged healthcare professionals and patients, which changed into learning, growing and improving as we went along. And this process of constant learning and evolving keeps repeating as we move forward with our implementation.
A key-element of VBHC in the Erasmus MC is discussing the outcomes of care with the patient it concerns. These discussions enable healthcare professionals and patients to tailor the care to the patient needs. Currently, 30 disease specific teams  are working towards bringing VBHC into the consultation room and beyond. And our aim is to provide care tailored to ‘what matters to patients’ for 80% of the local disease burden by 2023. Outcome measures have been defined for all IPU’s, of which some have resulted in an ICHOM-set. 50% of IPU’s are measuring PROMS (>11.000 patients), which are discussed during patient visits. The first pilot on bundled payment has started and several inter(national) benchmarks are being prepared. That is our approach: design, do, learn, improve and share with others to enable further learning. Teams learn from each other and their experiences have resulted in continuous improvements of our implementation approach. Our healthcare professionals are now experiencing that VBHC is Care that goes way beyond.