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U-center is a mental health care center that provides specialized evidence based treatment for depression, burnout, anxiety, trauma and addiction, and especially for comorbid disorders on all DSM-IV axes. We offer inpatient and outpatient care for both Dutch and English speaking clients. U-center is located in Epen (South-Limburg) and in Driebergen (near Utrecht). In Epen we offer inpatient as well as outpatient services. In Driebergen we offer diagnostic assessment and outpatient follow-up care.

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In our ‘healing environment’, our patients can expect expertise, personal attention, hospitality, and dedication. We employ a results-oriented approach and we work closely together with family, employers, referring practitioners and other involved parties. U-center collaborates with Maastricht University and is supported by a Scientific and Clinical Advisory Board.

Our goal is to foster an effective, fast and lasting recovery. Figures show that we have been achieving this goal for more than 7 years. We have no waiting list. Thanks to an efficient approach and a constant sufficient capacity, we are able to help our patients quickly. Our methods are primarily evidence based, complemented with experiential interventions. Our lasting treatment results are high, achieved in a relatively short time, based on extensive and repeated Routine Outcome Monitoring research results and in-depth analysis.

The short intensive treatment, 4-7 weeks inpatient combined with 7 weeks outpatient, is aimed at lasting improvements with regards to our patient’s experience, our health services and budgetary restraints. U-center supports and develops a variety of improvement programs and shares evidence to encourage a company-wide change. U-center wants to have a health care system of the highest possible quality; effective, person-centered, timely and efficient.

Patient description:
* Patients with complex comorbid mental disorders (clinical disorders, personality disorders, physical complications, problems on one or more areas in life), who do not benefit enough or had insufficient results during one or repeated outpatient or inpatient treatments.
* Patients aged 18 years and older, no ceiling age limit.
* Patients from the Netherlands, and other countries with English speaking patients,

U-center has 56 private rooms/beds. Each patient has an individualized treatment plan, based on extensive diagnostics. Usually, our patient population suffers from co-morbid conditions. The average clinical stay is between 4 and 7 weeks, followed by 4-7 weeks E-health aftercare. By offering integrative care in an 24/7 intensive treatment program to manage co-morbid conditions, U-center distinguishes itself, amongst others, in treating various illnesses at the same time and an active involvement of significant others, such as family members, employers, professional referrers and several insurance organizations.  We cooperate with private and public insurance companies, national and international. We also work together with disability insurance, social security insurance, income insurers and other parties.