Diabetes mellitus (DM) is the fastest growing chronic disease, with almost 1 billion patients by 2050. In Europe only, there are now over 68 million patients. This disease has led to more than a 300% increase in healthcare costs over the last 15 years.

Type 2 diabetes (DM2) is lifestyle related, yet the standard treatment is pills, which fail to stop the progression of this disease. After years, you have to start injecting yourself with insulin. You develop numbness in your fingers and your toes, reduced eyesight or even kidney failure. It’s a downhill slope. But why are we treating the symptoms, and not the cause; the lifestyle?

It becomes more important to adopt and stick to a healthy diet. Existing dietary methods have limited effect. Research has shown large interindividual differences in physiological response to the same meal, and individuals find it difficult to adopt long-term lifestyle changes. enables people with type 2 diabetes to manage, control and even revert their disease by providing 100% personalized nutritional advice based on their own biology.

With a sensor on your arm you track your blood sugar real-time and in our smart app you log everything you eat. Our algorithms then tell you which meals work for you and which don’t. With user-friendly food scores, nudges, personal tips and AI food recommendations, you can quickly improve your blood sugar levels yourself. And our dieticians are always just one-chat-away to guide you.

With the use of innovative technologies we combine biodata driven AI-technology with personalized dietary advice. That makes our care concept unique and highly effective. We show the strongest clinical results so far for a treatment in type 2 diabetes.

Our food recommender engines have an accuracy of over 80%, which is unprecedented in the world of internal medicine. And we have proven the quadruple aim (i.e. clinical effectiveness, customer satisfaction, value for the healthcare professional and at no additional cost) of our 12-week digital care concept in 2022:

  • 80% reports better disease control
  • 71% improves time in range to 72%
  • 69% reduces eHbA1c with 11.6 mmol/mol
  • Users value with 93% customer satisfaction
  • Healthcare providers value Clear for time savings and better patient conversations
  • Implementing for (newly diagnosed DM2 patients) in The Netherlands saves €375m in annual health care costs

We help people to get better with data instead of pills, and empower them to take control of their disease.