CareRate helps healthcare organizations to deliver more patient centered care. Patient centered care is care from the perspective of the patient. As recent studies done by KPMG-Plexus showed that alone in the Netherlands, 80 million euros is spent on research in healthcare. However, when you look at who this 80 million is spent you see very little is spent solely on the experiences and for researching for the perspective of the patient.

Today in the year 2016, we expect to depart from and land safely at e.g. Schiphol, like patients expect safe and good health care. The medical quality of healthcare is for most patients a commodity. But more important, they cannot value or know whether an operation is done according procedures and (safety) standards.

What is the difference between a 8.2 and a 8.4?

But they do know how to judge whether they have been listened to, if they felled safe, if they been taken seriously etc. Every patient has their own story. These stories, are very valuable! But what is done? We measure patient satisfaction once a year and on scales from 1 to 10. But what is the difference between a 8.2 and an 8.4? What is exactly improved last year? And what improvements where made which were really of value for the patient?

Fully buttom up and on top of LEAN

CareRate is a real-time mobile feedback and improvement application meant for healthcare organisations, which offers every division an easy and approachable way to collect patient experiences and research. Both divisions and staff can easily track down the appreciation and satisfaction of patients about the care they provided. CareRate is fully bottom up designed so healthcare teams, departments can very easily do their own research. This makes it possible to constantly start and check new
improvement cycles. CareRate can be fully integrated with LEAN, so patient experiences is added as a layer on top of LEAN. Making LEAN more outside in.

CareRate 4.0 version of traditional research

In contrast with traditional research methods, staff is able to respond to patients directly if necessary. This results in a better relationship with the patient. Patient hears what has happened with his or her feedback/participation. The patient feels taken seriously and listened to, and future patient participation rises.

Co-creation with own patients

CareRate has developed an implementation method based on their experience in other markets, improved based on an intervention study and co-creation with the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. A method which proved to be successful in 3
hospitals. Results; next to an increase CQI results, 500 realized patient centered improvements – co-creation with own patients!