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Value-Based Health Care Center Europe is the European platform for VBHC implementation. It is a platform where visitors and members can learn about the Value-Based Health Care concepts, share their own knowledge, best practices, and get inspired to start the discussion on true Patient Value.

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The Erasmus University Medical Center (Erasmus MC) based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is the one of the most authoritative scientific University Medical Centers in Europe. Healthy population and excellent healthcare is where Erasmus MC stands for.

Since 2014


STZ Ziekenhuizen. Twenty eight large teaching hospitals in the Netherlands, providing highly specialized medical care, have joined together to form an association of tertiary medical teaching hospitals, known as STZ. STZ hospitals commit themselves to education and training, the advancement of high quality patient care, tertiary medical care and tertiary referral functions, applied scientific research and health care innovation.

Since 2014



Isala has been given several topclinical functions as a result of knowledge and skills of specialists who have obtained this themselves and who have passed it along to their colleagues. The topclinical functions, including cardiac- and neurosurgery and dialysis, Isala may be compared to academical hospitals.

Since 2016



Amgen strives to serve patients by transforming the promise of science and biotechnology into therapies that have the power to restore health or even save lives. In everything Amgen does, it aims to fulfill the mission of serving patients. And every step of the way, Amgen is guided by the values that define them.

Since 2015


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Zilveren Kruis is one of the largest health insurance companies in the Netherlands, with over 3,5 million members. 2.860 employees are helping their members with all the aspects of their healthcare, including payment of their medical bills and aiming for vitality. Zilveren Kruis values their connection and bond of trust with their members.

Since 2016


Pearlcard offers endless possibilities within a wide selection of services including Lifestyle, Travel, Concierge, Healthcare, Trusted Advisors and Events. The people behind Pearlcard are driven, dedicated and fast in providing and managing the range of possibilities. Pearlcard offers access to new experiences, solutions and ideas.

Since 2019


Media partners



The leadership community engages in cross-collaboration and promotes management, leadership, winning practices in healthcare. With the active engagement from thought leaders and almost 100 well-respected national and international associations and congresses, HealthManagement provides comprehensive information related to Executive Management, Imaging, Healthcare IT & Cardiology.

Since 2018


Organizing partner


The Decision Group is a leading-edge strategic consulting firm with a focus on healthcare and life sciences. The Decision Group helps their clients to take better business decisions. The advice is pragmatic and involved – an ideal stepping stone to the top. As an innovative, high end strategy consulting firm The Decision Group has strong academic links with international renowned universities such as Harvard University and George Washington University and hospitals, among others Joslin Diabetes Center and Cleveland Clinic.

Since 2014

 Educational partner


The Decision Institute provides open, degree and in-house executive and change programs in and outside the Netherlands, such as the Clincial Management Workshops Series and Value-Based Health Care Masterclasses. The programs are the result of The Decision Institute’s academic background, initiatives and its extensive professional network. The network of The Decision Institute consists of among others professors of top universities Harvard Business School, George Washington University, St. Gallen University and renowned hospitals such as Cleveland Clinic and Joslin Diabetes Center.

Since 2014