Blog: Slender Club Europe

Blog: Slender Club Europe

Slender Club Europe for maximal miniaturization of transradial coronary angiography and interventions

Miniaturized transradial coronary interventions are a strong patient centered issue. The aim is to make the intervention as light and tolerable as possible on the one hand, and to increase safety and (cost) efficiency on the other hand. The patient undergoes the intervention completely dressed. Usually, only the right forearm is prepared by rolling up a sleeve. Introduction and manipulation of miniaturized catheters through a small puncture opening in the radial artery is painless.

With a minimum amount of contrast agent the coronaries can be visualized and target lesions can be treated with the required devices. Immediately following the treatment, the catheter is removed, followed by application of a light pressure bandage, which can be removed after some hours. During that time, the patient is fully self-supportive and independent of care. The patient is free to walk and to mobilize even with antiplatelet agents and heparin “on board”.

The doctor “pays the prize” for this benefit. New skills need to be trained. The operation needs to be carried out with more delicacy. Initially this can result in longer procedural times, overconsumption of material and crossover to standard techniques. But with proper education and endeavor, this investment is rewarding since patients are better treated. Physicians will become driven to adapt this new approach since immediate ambulation, shorter hemostasis times, and independence from care allow a better organization of the cardiology ward. The burden on paramedical staff is reduced, allowing for better care and use of human resources. Turnover times are shortened, allowing for higher patient volume and shorter waiting lists.

High success rates, low complication rates and cost efficiency are rewarding and will result in better judgment of the hospital by all stake holders.

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