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Attend the exclusive VBHC Prize Event 2020

Get inspired by excellent patient-centered initiatives and attend the exclusive VBHC Prize Event 2020 on November 5th, 2020 at Buitenplaats Amerongen. It is THE opportunity to get in contact with all stakeholders in health care in a collaborative environment that connects everyone by one common language: VBHC.


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Attend the event packages

  • Attend the event + VBHC Center Europe Membership
  • Attend the event + VBHC Certified Green Belt

Please visit the VBHC Center Europe Membership and VBHC Certified Green Belt websites to get more information and to purchase the packages.

The organization reserves the right to make a selection with a broad variety of all registrations. The VBHC Prize Event is not-for-profit and we seek to create a fair balance between stakeholders.

The fee to attend the event is €195,- excl. VAT (BTW).

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