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The nominated initiatives have been selected! Read more about the nominated initiatives here


Harvard Prof. M. Porter will award the VBHC Prize 2017 himself!

The winners of the VBHC Prize 2017 will be announced and awarded by Harvard prof. M. Porter at event on May 11. Harvard prof. M. Porter, one of the founders of VBHC, will share his view on the winners and the latest developments in VBHC.

The VBHC Prize recognizes inspiring initiatives that aim to create excellent patient value. Join the VBHC community, celebrate the successes and hard work of delivering true patient value and become inspired by VBHC pioneers. Read more…honingraad-porter

Save the date: May 11, 2017


On May 11, 2017 the fourth edition of the VBHC Prize will be awarded during the inspiring VBHC Prize event. It is THE opportunity to get in contact with all stakeholders in health care in a collaborative environment that connects everyone by one common language: VBHC.


Winners VBHC Prize 2016: Catharina hospital and CZ

The Department of Cardiology of Catharina Hospital and CZ have won the third edition of the prestigious VBHC Prize of the breakthrough first long-term value-based contract. The initiative is a highly innovative contract between the hospital and an insurance company in which the hospital is rewarded based on the quality of care they deliver. The initiative has great potential to expand to other departments and medical conditions. Read more about the winning initiative here!

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