Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) Prize 2020

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The VBHC Prize is a Prize that recognizes, supports and embraces initiatives that redefine health care. Each year, one excellent initiative is awarded the VBHC Prize, a prestigious award that boosts this initiative in many ways. 



The VBHC Concept In Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) we aim to maximize patient value by centering care around the patient. This can be achieved by measuring relevant health outcomes and their costs.



The VBHC Prize The VBHC Prize rewards and recognizes inspiring initiatives that have adopted a fundamentally new line of thinking in creating excellent patient value in terms of real outcomes and real costs.



The 2020 Winners are known! At the end of the interactive hybrid 2-day VBHC Prize bouquet the winners of the 7th edition of the VBHC Prize were announced! The winners of the VBHC Inspirational Awards and the VBHC Prize were awarded on November 5th. Click below to find out who they are and find out more about them.

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The VBHC Prize 2020 nominees are now known. Vote for your favorite to win the Community Award 2020

During the seventh edition of the Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) Prize 2020, thirteen promising initiatives have the chance of winning this prestigious VBHC Prize. Value-Based Healthcare Center Europe awards this yearly Prize to acknowledge new initiatives in the VBHC field. The nominees are selected by a renowned, international jury including prof. Kaplan.

New this year, next to the VBHC Prize, is the granting of the VBHC Community Award. The VBHC Community can bring out their vote for their favourite VBHC initiative online. Next to this, all attendees at the VBHC Prize 2020 event also bring out their vote, to help decide who wins the Community Award . You can start voting now by clicking here

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The Value-Based Health Care Prize is the pinnacle initiative of the organizing auspices of the Value-Based Health Care Center Europe.




In addition to winning the VBHC Prize 2020

The winner of the VBHC Prize in 2020 will be awarded a VIP presentation slot on the main stage at the ICHOM 2020 Conference in Barcelona on 16-18 November. To find out more about the ICHOM 2020 Conference, visit the website:

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  • Attend the event + VBHC Center Europe Membership
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Please visit the VBHC Center Europe Membership and VBHC Certified Green Belt websites to get more information and to purchase the packages. To attend the event, please click here.

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The VBHC Prize 2019 Edition of VBHC Thinkers Magazine is still available online, for free! For this edition we gathered experts on the implementation of VBHC, to inspire you with exciting examples and possibilities of VBHC implementation. You can expect to read more about the VBHC Prize and its nominees, previous winners and their experiences in the field of VBHC implementation. But also interviews with experts who look back on over 10 years of VBHC experience and the way in which they see the future for VBHC. 

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