Winners of the Value-Based Health Care Prize 2014

Meetbaar Beter: winner of the Value-Based Health Care Prize 2014!

On April 10th, 2014, the first edition of the Value-Based Health Care Prize took place. The event was a great success, with participants from many project teams and other interested healthcare stakeholders. Bas van de Goor en Erik van Nieuwpoort had very inspiring speeches, and the Value-Based Health Care Pubquiz appeared to be a real challenge! Finally, the winners of the Value-Based Health Care Prize and the 3 special encouraging prizes were anounced.

The first prize, a Harvard style business case, was won by project Meetbaar Beter. Meetbaar Beter uses patient-relevant outcome measures to improve quality and transparency of care for Dutch patients with heart diseases. The project started as an initiative of 2 hospitals, and by now 10 renowmed heart centers are involved, including academic medical centers. According to the jury, Meetbaar Beter contains good outcome measurement in a standardized format, with an outstanding collaboration with multiple hospitals.

The prize for the most exceptional initiative in cost-efficiency was won by Personalized Medicine, a project of CPCT, CZ and Vitromics. The project is a public-private partnership that addresses overtreatment in oncology, and their fiels of expertise is personalized medicine for breast cancer. Personalized medicine scored exceptionally well on Cost effectiveness, as well as on collaboration.

The prize for the most exceptional initiative in collaborations went to Jippa, a collaborative by VUmc, CZ, Radboud UMC and Tilburg University. The project includes almost half of all Dutch hospitals in their efforts to implement and test a decision aid for treatment for early stage prostate cancer, and involves many stakeholders wihtin these hospitals. Jippa aims to implement shared decision making for a large group of patients, thereby involving patients in the creation of value. The project originated from a collaboration between a university, two hospitals and an insurance company, and now has a reach of over 40 hospitals.

The prize for the most exceptional initiative in patient outcomes was won by Pulse, a project of Xpert Clinics and Erasmus MC. Pulse is an innovative IT platform for hand and wrist patients, that really involves patients as well as care partners. According to the jury the project is a very interesting merger of technology and outcomes based treatment.

Have you become inspired in participating in the Value-Based Health Care? Please visit our website, and save the date for the Value-Based Health Care Prize 2015, on April 9th!

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