Winners encouragement award ‘Cost-Effectiveness’ enjoy Masterclass

Winners encouragement award ‘Cost-Effectiveness’ enjoy Masterclass

The winners of the ‘Cost-Effectiveness’ award, VitrOmics, CPCT and CZ, enjoyed the Masterclass ‘Value of Diagnostics. They won this Masterclass at the Value Based Healthcare Prize 2014 to further explore their options on Value Based Healthcare implementation.

The Masterclass ‘Value of Diagnostics’, made available by The Decision Institute, was a big success. The attendees were very positive about the interactive and first class discussion. Prof. F. van Eenennaam highlighted a broad spectrum of important aspects regarding diagnostics, e.g.:

–          What is the value of a new diagnostic method?

–          How to increase the value of a diagnostic method?

–          How to make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in a new diagnostic?

After the theoretical aspects of the session, the winning proposal of the Cost-Effectiveness award was discussed. The method that The Decision Institute applies to value a new diagnostic method creates room for a discussion using a singular language for all stakeholders, which certainly increased the quality of the discussion.

About the project

The project team developed a new method to screen breast cancer patients in which first-line treatment is not effective (anymore). The screening enables to identify patients that will most likely not benefit from secondary treatment (combination therapy), which is currently not effective in 30% of the patients.

All identified consequences, from the obvious avoiding of side-effects for these patients to the less obvious extra necessary biopt that is needed for all patients, were identified and put into a model that assesses the value of new diagnostics.

In summary, the in-house Masterclass was a great session on diagnostics with a high-quality and interactive discussion afterwards.

The Decision Institute offers various educational programs in which an interactive discussion is a key element combined with academic level education in a professional setting.

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