Tamro LINK Hospital

Tamro LINK Hospital


Value based pricing models in hospitals have been common in many European countries but this has not been the case for Finland. In order to facilitate the use value based pricing models and shift towards value based care Tamro decided to develop a digital service called Tamro LINK Hospital.


Tamro LINK was developed in collaboration with hospitals, medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies.  Tamro LINK is a good example how to enhance value based pricing and healthcare. With this practical approach we have created new standard and efficient way of working with value based agreements.

Tamro LINK solution benefits all hospitals and can be used across different therapeutic areas. It has been now implemented to all Finnish hospitals and first agreements with appr 100 patients so far have been followed up since last summer. It works for cost based models as well as for value based models. Service could be potentially expanded to other countries as well


Tamro LINK is solving the everyday management problem of the value based pricing agreements but it also allows completely new way to measure and evaluate patient value. Tamro LINK will contain true cost for treatment per patient and how many patients actually benefit of the treatment. When this data is combined with medical measures and overall care procedures and treatments; for example effectiveness of treatment can be evaluated to a new level using real world data.