Super App for the Healthcare Ecosystem

Super App for the Healthcare Ecosystem





Snabb ( is a web/mobile platform that improves access to health care services and tools that allows an individual to better manage their healthcare and get better results. Mirroring different providers ERPs, patients can search many more options to schedule an appointment with a physician or for other health care service (i.e., labs, Rx, vaccination, etc.) We also have and algorithm that can offer accelerate a scheduled appointment, so patients don’t have to keep waiting if an opening becomes available in their physician’s agenda. They can accelerate with the same doctor, within the same provider or with another physician (same specialty) within the same city.

To date, we have integrated 97 providers, 900 professionals, 58 different specialties, in more than 30 different cities in Chile. We have telehealth providers for scheduling appointments or on-demand (24/7).

Snabb empowers patients through this one-stop-shop app, allowing them to search for health services outside their usual network, carrying their health information structured in the format of the “International Patient Summary” (IPS) of HL7 FHIR® ( and letting them update their own “Patient Health Record” (PHR) with their Initial Patient Conditions (IPCs), Risk Factors, Reported Outcomes (PRO) and Reported Experiences (PRE). It also helps them track the expenses incurred in their health care since they can pay their copays through the app.

In terms of portability and interoperability of the patient’s health information, Snabb uses APIs to get information from different sources (i.e., EHR, LIS, RIS, etc.) and updates their IPS-PHR in the cloud ( We are partnering with to get and transmit information in FHIR standard so we can assure interoperability.

Physicians will be able to access their patient’s IPS-PHR through a website (, once they have logged in with their digital (Blockchain) identity, created in and a patient provided password, dynamically generated through the app.

New patients enrolled to have their IPS-PHR in Snabb, will provide their Initial Patient Conditions (IPCs) and they can update the different categories at any time so we can have a very good idea of where the patient stands before they start any cycle of care.

Snabb is also an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) where “enterprise” is the patient, Snabb is the bus and Services are all the healthcare services, provided by third parties vendors, to attend patient’s medical needs. As a platform, Snabb gives patients flexibility, mobility, and continuity of care while logging their transactions within the app.

We have also integrated a digital assistant ( to interact with patients either for a specific condition, cycle of care or to carry out a regular prevention program.

We believe that this model will allow patients to better manage their chronic diseases, and will generate enough data to better organize population care in a very fragmented health care system like ours in Chile and in many Latin American countries.