Reinier Haga Prostate Cancer Center

Reinier Haga Prostate Cancer Center



In 2016 one urologist from the Reinier the Graaf hospital Delft and one from the Haga Hospital The Hague where selected and internationally trained for Robot Assisted Prostate Cancer Surgery. As a Davinci Robot was installed in one of the hospitals they started performing every single surgery together. The assisting team of scrub-nurses was also dedicated and trained. As they continued doing every operation as a duo-team they noticed their results were competitive with the best of Europe. This inspired the other specialists involved in prostate care in the region of Delft and The Hague.  In 2017 all medical specialists and nurses from the 3 Dutch hospitals:  Haga (The Hague) Langeland (Zoetermeer) and Reinier de Graaf (Delft)  joined forces and founded the first Dutch Specialized Prostate Cancer Center.

Together with patients and general practitioners they redesigned all processes. The full scope of all diagnostic options is available to all patients within 1-3 days. For every patient shared decision making with relatives and relevant members of the multidisciplinary team is a daily available standard. The full scope of treatment options is available to all patients within 2-3 weeks. But the pace of the processes always is free of choice for the patient.

General practitioners can send patients directly to the diagnostic program. As almost every patient needs an MRI, 85% of MRI is done before the first urology consultation. This  not only saves the patient  time but also 1 or 2 extra visits to our Prostate Cancer center.

By incorporating MRI, fusion Biopsies, PSMA PET-CT scan and shared decision making as the standard of care the Reinier Haga Prostate Cancer Center has managed to improve patient’s diagnostics by doing 60% less biopsies and do 13-17% less operations.

The international trained urologists of the Reinier Haga Prostate Cancer center were the first Dutch Urologists to implement Nerve-sparing robot assisted prostate surgery in the Netherlands.

This new way of prostate surgery led to an impressive improvement of outcomes, quality of life (measured as PROMs) after surgery and thereby also reducing the overall costs:

Outcomes Reinier Haga Prostate Cancer Center 2018:

Radical tumor surgery                                             88 %   vs   72 % in the Netherlands

1 year Continence                                                      92 %   vs   69 % in the Netherlands

6 months potency for neurosafe surgery             67 %   vs   23 % in non neurosafe


In 2019 the Reinier Haga Prostate Cancer center will further improve the care for their patients with the help of a home build electronic register with actual management information dashboards. Data is derived from the HIS and the Electronic Health Care Records. It also contains a patient portal which allows the patient to report and view their outcomes online. The dashboards include patient reported and medical outcomes and processes: numbers, times and costs.