Programa Contigo

Committed to health at every stage of the human being, from birth to death, Keralty decided to develop a comprehensive program of high-quality palliative care, as one of the great pillars of his mission and vision of service. Contigo program, based on the Newpalex Method, exalts the dignity of people, and is based on compassion and understanding of human suffering, under the criteria of greater effectiveness in its possible relief, accompaniment to family members and caregivers, and in the efficiency of the services looking for:
• Take full care of the patient, through the analysis, understanding and care of his illness, and of all the conditions and consequent complications.
• Identify early and control the symptoms that generate discomfort in the patient.
• Help the patient maintain activity as much as possible until death.
• Improve the perception of possible quality of life for the patient and his family.
• Accompany the patient and his family Physically, socially and spiritually during the disease and grieving process, helping the understanding of death as a process that is part of life.
• Reduce the underlying risk of readmissions or re-visits to hospitalization and / or emergency services.

The program focuses on the well-being and relief of suffering in the last stages of life. The offer of palliative care services is coordinated according to the need and complexity of patients with advanced cancer and non-cancer diseases, or with elderly severe fragility. Services are provided at home, outpatient, hospital, Hospice. The care model integrates the care of health needs with the social needs of patients, and with the development of skills in the family and community.

In each one of the providers that make up the network of services there are interdisciplinary teams of palliative care composed of general practitioners and pain and palliative care specialists, nurses, psychologists, social workers and spiritual counselors, responsible for the admission and patient care, and the Accompaniment to families, who are linked through their own acceptance of the program. The patient actively participates in decisions related to possible treatments and interventions aimed at palliation.

Palliative clinical boards are the instance to coordinate and monitor the program in each of the eight cities where it operates, constituting the integrated practice units. These boards are made up of representatives of each of the palliative care teams and case managers of the insurers, who also serve as a bridge to articulate the actions of insuring with other professionals and service providers.

Contigo program covers 4000 people a year. Person by person, the program shows an increase in the quality of life of the patients, and support for family members and caregivers. In 82% of the people treated, pain has been managed, 98% of the users said goodbye to life satisfied with the care received, and 95% of the family members felt grateful and satisfied for the care received.