Auspices & Partners 2016


VBHCE logo groot transValue-Based Health Care Center Europe wants to provide a platform where visitors and members can learn about the Value-Based Health Care concepts, share their own knowledge, best practices, and get inspired to start the discussion on Patient Value.

Erasmus mc logo transErasmus MC. The Erasmus University Medical Center (Erasmus MC) based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is the one of the most authoritative scientific University Medical Centers in Europe. Healthy population and excellent healthcare is where Erasmus MC stands for.
STz-logo-transSTZ Ziekenhuizen. Twenty eight large teaching hospitals in the Netherlands, providing highly specialized medical care, have joined together to form an association of tertiary medical teaching hospitals, known as STZ. STZ hospitals also commit themselves to education and training in general, the advancement of high quality patient care, tertiary medical care and tertiary referral functions, applied scientific research and healthcare innovation.


The organisations below are partner of Value-Based Health Care Event 2016.  Interested in becoming a partner of the Value-Based Health Care Event 2016? Please contact Vincent Wiersma via


Amgen strives to serve patients by transforming the promise of science and biotechnology into therapies that have the power to restore health or even save lives. In everything Amgen does, it aims to fulfill the mission of serving patients. And every step of the way, Amgen is guided by the values that define them.
Edifecs is a leading healthcare technology company with the mission to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs and accelerate innovation. Edifecs empowers healthcare organizations to scale the partnerships required by payment, care delivery and access reform initiatives that are redefining the healthcare industry. Edifecs stands for disruptors, scientists, data nerds, doctors and artists. And we believe                                                               information technology can revolutionize healthcare.
CZ logo transparantCZ

Media partner

Logo skipr transSkipr helps decision-makers in healthcare determine their direction with 24 x 7, Skipr daily at 07.30 on workdays, Skipr weekly on Sunday, and nine times per year Skipr magazine. Additionally, Skipr organizes masterclasses, congresses, and events for decision-makers.


Organizing partner

TheDecisionGroup_Logo-RGB-SmallThe Decision Group is a leading-edge strategic consulting firm with a focus on healthcare and life sciences. We help our clients to take better business decisions. The advice is pragmatic and involved – an ideal stepping stone to the top. As an innovative, high end strategy consulting firm The Decision Group has strong academic links with international renowned universities such as Harvard University and George Washington University and hospitals, among others Joslin Diabetes Center and Cleveland Clinic.


Educational partner

TheDecisionInstitute_Logo-RGB-SmallThe Decision Institute provides open, degree and in-house executive and change programs in and outside the Netherlands, such as the Clincial Management Workshops Series and Value-Based Health Care Masterclasses. The programs are the result of The Decision Institute’s academic background, initiatives and its extensive professional network. The network of The Decision Institute consists of among others professors of top universities Harvard Business School, George Washington University, St. Gallen University and renowned hospitals such as Cleveland Clinic and Joslin Diabetes Center.