Medical Experience Colonoscopy

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With the ‘Colonoscopy Medical Experience (MEX)’ patients are informed in a visual and step-wise way regarding their intestines investigation. At the end a questionnaire regarding medical condition and informed consent is filled-out. Based on a categorized risk outcome the patient’s specific counselling traject is defined.


By smart integration in the clinical process, significant cost reduction is realised through substitution and task adjustments, in the Medical Centre Alkmaar and Jeroen Bosch Hospital. The macro-economical benefits of minimising hospital visits, makes the indirect societal profit even much bigger. Randomised research has proven that this type of counselling is patient friendly, safe and stress reducing.

Please check out this explanatory process video:

Check-out the colonoscopy MEX yourself: Colonoscopy MEX application.

Making digital counselling a standard part of the hospitals’ colonoscopy counseling process resulted in increased patients’ understanding and decreased counselling time with 75%. In 2015, 7.000 patients (GP referrals) from 11 Dutch hospitals were served with digital counselling regarding colonoscopy. It saved 2.425 counselling hours and €200.900,- macro-economical saving. A win-win for both, the patient and the hospital! That’s why we expect, this tool can make life much easier for patients and healthcare professionals all over the world. It increases the counselling quality due to a better understanding patient and it makes the entire counselling process far more efficient, as we focus on the patient’s specific needs and only spend time when needed or wanted by the patient.

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