How to apply?

How to apply?

The application process of the Value Based Health Care Prize 2021 consists of two steps:

Step 1: Pre-application 

The first step in the application process is to start with the optional pre-application. This step is not compulsory but strongly recommended. It will be evaluated whether your initiative meets the requirements based on the Value-Based Health Care framework. In addition, you will receive feedback on how you can improve your application to increase your chance to get nominated for the prize. To hand in a pre-application, fill in the pre-application form which consists of a 100-words summary of your initiative.

This pre-application form is available on the website, please click here.

Step 2: Formal application
Formal application deadline: February 26th, 2021
You can also directly formally apply for the VBHC Prize 2021. You can request the formal application form via Your application will be judged by an internationally renowned and independent jury. Selection is based on patient value, costs, efficacy and efficiency, collaboration and implementation.

Selection Nominees
About ten nominees are selected based on all formal applications. The internationally renowned jury will select the winners in the following categories:

  • VBHC Prize 2021
  • Patient Outcomes Excellence Award 2021
  • Cost-effectiveness Excellence Award 2021
  • Collaboration Excellence Award 2021
  • Primary Care Excellence Award 2021


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