In Europe 9 in 10 adults die of chronic diseases. Chronic diseases  cause over 700 billion euro cost for medical treatment and great loss of quality of life for the patient. Greenhabit is the “cure” for chronic diseases and healthy ageing.  Greenhabit is an 3-month gamified holistic digital treatment program, applied by healthcare professionals to help their patients with sustainable behavioral change. The self management Intervention educates the patient on Health and a positive mindset and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Greenhabit works on the cause of the chronic disease and enables healthy aging. The intervention uses Algorithms to give the participant personalized treatment in 5 domains: Nutrition, exercise, relaxation, positive thinking and social environment. The integrated dashboard enables holistic monitoring by the healthcare professional. This allows care to be provided only when needed.

Greenhabit makes is fun to work on healthy habits and has a retention rate of 95%

Unique: Greenhabit identifies the need of patients based on the cause of unhealthy behaviour with help of measurements. ((behavioural and activity) These needs are translated into personalized treatment for the patient based on artificial intelligence. The challenges, E-learnings and content  help solve the issues of the patient. Registration of Physical measurements detect the effectiveness of the treatment and interacts with the algorithm. And our Intervention/ Dashboard is very scalable.  The training package with book and rewards provides extra motivation and the buddy system ensures connection with others.

Greenhabit collaborates with several universities and hospitals in the Netherlands and Spain. At the moment we are doing a clinical study in Hospital Clinic under the supervision of Prof. R. Estruch to overcome Diabetes Type2. After validation we are ready to serve Europe (with 65 million diabetics). We are also working with the University Hospital Groningen to help kidney transplant patients in the home situation.

Greenhabit uses scientific behavioural change models to help people make healthy choices and learn new habits.

– + 4.500 participants
– 4 languages
– 85% retention (participants who finished the 12-week program)
– 72% can positively influence their mindset
– 69,2% have lost weight
– 84,1% exercise more
– 56% eat healthier
– 74% experience more energy
– 76% can handle stress better