Formal applicants

Formal applicants VBHC Prize 2018


The nominees of the VBHC Prize were not the only inspiring Value-Based Health Care initiatives that submitted a formal application for the VBHC Prize 2018. Meet the formal applicants the next six weeks on this page. We will post a pool of formal applicants every two weeks. Read more about these inspiring VBHC initiatives in their pitches!



Primary aim of UPMC to utilize interdisciplinary collaboration to increase physician awareness of their individual outcomes and the costs of the care they provide. Enhance patient outcomes through implementing cost conscientious solutions developed by aforementioned transparent and independently adjudicated metrics. Read more



ERAS or enhanced recovery after surgery, a multidisciplinary approached evidenced-based perioperative care pathway, is designed by the Martini Ziekenhuis to optimize perioperative care (from indication to 30-days postoperatively) in order to maintain organ function, optimize prehabilitation, reduce perioperative physiological stress and facilitate early mobilization. The aim of this implementation is to improve patients outcome by using evidence based perioperative care elements to form a care protocol and interactively auditing the patients outcome in an ERAS interactive audit system (EIAS). Read more





The pilot of Menzis and the NHR aims to continuously improve patient outcomes and reduce costs of PCI and CABG.  Creating focus on patient outcomes by all parties involved in the care process including the higher board of the hospital is a key part of the pilot, as is including professionals from all relevant disciplines. Read more




The aim of this initiative of IPO Porto was not only delivering the best treatment for each patient by organizing the entire Institution around the patients and their needs, but also take the patient experience to a whole new level. The goals of our initiative are: to improve access to and quality of care; to measure systematically value created (outcomes and costs); and leverage evidence for better care. Read more




This project of VieCuri Medical Centre aims to improve high-value cost-conscious care for patients who need a peripherally inserted central catheter for intravenous administration of medications by inserting the catheters using an ECG guided positioning technique, while also improving patient comfort and service. Read more



Tamro LINK Hospital is a digital service for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to manage value-based pricing models for hospital medicines efficiently. It aims to enhance and support use of value based health care in hospitals. Read more



Mapcares +Value initiative aims to enhance Brazilian providers alignment with VBHC by preparing healthcare organizations to collect outcome data, measure costs and exchange information around similar medial conditions through the complete cycle of care. Read more






The aim of the initiative of Nordic Health is to improve quality of life of chronic pain patients by reducing their pain and consequently improve participation in their social life (work, family, friends), while reducing total healthcare cost. Read more




SEIN, Kempenhaeghe and UMCU made a seizure detection system which alarms for all nocturnal life-threatening seizures or seizures requiring immediate care. An adequate seizure detection system that provides relief of the care at night. Read more




The Skinvision app aims to detect  skin cancer in early stages and reduce patient’s delay in seeing a doctor and the doctors delay for the correct referral to the dermatologists. Using new technology proven by a machine learning algorithm, SkinVision recognizes skin cancer, including melanoma and suspicious nevi. Read more



The aim of the University hospital Antwerp is to develop new educational material for patients with accurate and illustrated information on SCD to enhance self-care and foster medical independence. Read more