Chronic Care Australia


Exercise medicine is one of the most cost-effective and highest healthcare value means of transitioning our healthcare system into a preventative framework while reducing ambulant hospital presentations and associated costs.

Chronic Care Australia’s (CCA) globally recognised Exercise Medicine (4-point medex) program was designed to develop an efficacious treatment protocol that was simple, repeatable and delivered effective doses of exercise medicine for individuals with one or more chronic mental or physical conditions. Our unique 4-point medex intervention provides an efficacious, conservative, and patient-centred treatment approach to community based mental and physical chronic disease management.

CCA’s goal is to reimagine healthcare delivery. CCA believe that we must DARE TO KNOW, DARE TO CARE and DARE TO CHANGE if we are to successfully reduce the burden of chronic conditions in Australia and worldwide. Our vision is to realise cost-effective and clinically proven opportunities for all individuals to access treatment, management, and prevention services for their chronic conditions. Having face-to-face and virtual clinics that deliver effective 4-point medex programs will help reduce hospital presentations and reduce the enormous,
unsustainable cost that chronic conditions have on our healthcare system. This will require planned ongoing research and continued partnerships with like-minded companies and industry

The success of winning the 2021 VBHC Primary Care Award for our 4-point medex program has allowed us to pursue phase two of our research. In 2022, CCA was sponsored by a global pharmaceutical company to support patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), offering our 4-point medex program as an auxiliary treatment to optimise patient outcomes and reduce pathology-specific symptoms throughout the patients’ standard oncology treatment plan. The program proved scalability with CCA successfully recruiting and onboarding 50x NSCLC individuals in six weeks from across Australia, completing the 100% virtual/online, 12-week
program in August 2022.

CCA is proud to be driving and supporting the future of our healthcare system in this space by using its globally awarded exercise medicine programs to;
• Engage the 60% of Australians who are most at risk of developing one or more chronic conditions
• Collect and observe real world evidence that can be used to shape funding and clinical decision making in complex care cases
• To support IPUs in the treatment, management and prevention of their client’s disease progression
• Create positive communities — both online and in-person — that inform and support all Australian’s to live well for longer.