Integrated care to chronic pain patients

Integrated care to chronic pain patients



Back and neck pain is estimated to affect 80% of the population at some time in their life; they represent No 1 and No 4 in the World Health Organization years lived with disability index. The estimated global cost of back and neck pain to society already exceeds €1 trillion per year. With aging populations, and growing health problems like obesity, the number of people suffering from chronic back pain is set to grow and the cost of back pain will continue to rise because current treatments are not working. In The Netherlands there are over 1 million patients suffering chronic neck- and/or backpain. Total cost to Dutch society are estimated at € 3.5 billion annually.

Most healthcare systems are failing back pain patients because of they are highly fragmented and the clinical pathway for many pain sufferers is therefore convoluted, they are passed from one discipline to another, which may take many months and often means incurring repeated treatments.

It is now recognized that nonspecific back pain is a function-related problem of the spine; when the spine’s functional system fails it causes structural overload and pain. While there are a plethora of treatments and “remedies” for back pain, the evidence is gradually showing that most treatments do not improve patients’ outcomes: for example spine surgery is no longer recommended for nonspecific back pain, and there are increasing questions about the validity of MRIs, pain injections and many types of conservative care treatments.


Nordic Health offers an evidence based solution to patients suffering chronic or recurrent back and neck pain. For over 20 years thousands of people globally have been treated successfully, and now lead an active life with less pain.


Nordic Health and his international partners have developed an unique cloud based measuring and treatment system called EVE Professional (eValuated Exercise). It guides the treatment process with the help of a touch screen monitor in the devices. The measurement and treatment data can be analysed in real-time to optimize the treatment process and is also used for scientific research and validation for future improvement of the spine programs.