Why form a partnership?

Information for potential partners

The Value-Based Health Care Prize award ceremony is a not-for-profit event, which is why we welcome partnerships. If the awarding ceremony event of the Value-Based Health Care Prize 2016 would be useful to you or your company, and you are a believer of Value-Based Health Care, our partnership opportunities would be of interest for you. Please find more information about partnership opportunities here or contact Vincent Wiersma via info@vbhc.nl.

Why form a partnership?


  • Public reach of over 100,000 healthcare professionals.
  • Exclusive award event at Landgoed de Salentijn.
  • Be awarded by a renowned independent international jury and honorary chairman Harvard Professor Michael Porter, PhD.
  • Get recognized as a leading initiative of VBHC in the Netherlands.
  • Get the chance to network with leading people within healthcare and VBHC.
  • Link your company name to the powerful principles of VBHC.
  • Returning annual event.


In 2015..

  • Around 50% of the Dutch hospitals were involved.
  • Over 30% of the Dutch Pharmacies were involved.
  • Around 6 million patients are potentially reached by the projects.
  • The projects combined have over 726 connections to healthcare constituencies.
  • 12 out of the 29 projects collaborate with more than five healthcare related institutions.


Why should we be involved?

  • Pharma: Visibility to contribute to improving Patient Value.
  • IT: Promote new IT solutions for healthcare. For example; solutions on Shared Decision making.
  • Insurances: Support VBHC and brand quality in healthcare plus exposure to clients.
  • Medical: Promote new equipment and innovations and link your company to the powerful principles of VBHC.
  • Research: Create exposure for your research project and brand relevance.
  • Banks: Promote banking and financial awareness in healthcare.