Blog: PharmaCoach

Blog: PharmaCoach

PharmaCoach: “a breakthrough in medication adherence”

Online guidance and communication

PharmaCoach is the first online program (worldwide) that succeeded substantial improvement of medication compliance of patients on large scale and low costs.

“Less than 50% of the chronic patients used their medication correct. The social damage is great, only in Netherlands some 3 billion per year “

PharmaCoach motivates patients to use their medication right through inform, guide, and by connecting with logistical information. It is an online communication platform used by pharmacies and offered freely to their patients. Suitable for all conditions and medication and fitting in the routine of the pharmacy.

Developments to date

1/3 of all pharmacies in Netherlands has a subscription to PharmaCoach with nearly 100.000 registered patients. Patient dispending persistence is rising with 67% with first users and 9,1% with longtime users (who have already a baseline of 80% )¹. Because of this spectacular results the program now is partly covered by several health insurers and there is a cooperation with the top 5  pharmaceutical companies in the Netherlands.

Superior patient value

Pharmacoach is the first programme that has been able to increase adherence massively, on large scale, for all patients, diseases and medication. It has a market penetration of 33% in the target group in the Netherlands and is extremely cost efficient. It can be relatively easily implemented in other countries. First steps already have been made in Eastern Europe, Germany, the UK and the US.

¹more information about the result of Pharmacoach (