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The Value-Based Health Care Prize 2017 award ceremony is a not-for-profit event, which is why we welcome partnerships. The Value-Based Health Care Prize is a highly exclusive event, bringing the leaders in healthcare together with one purpuse, to increase patient value. Each year, the reach of this inspiring event continues to grow. Last year, over 100.000 healthcare professionals were reached through the use of various media. This led to great publicity for the Prize and its partners. If the awarding ceremony event of the Value-Based Health Care Prize 2017 would be useful to you or your company, and you are a believer of Value-Based Health Care, please contact us for potential contribution to make this event an even better experience.

Please find more information about partnership opportunities here.

Award Partner 2017

Be a full partner of the Value-Based Health Care Prize 2017 and put your name on one of the awards. Support and link yourself to the third edition of Europe’s leading event on Value-Based Health Care.

1.    Named as a partner with organization’s logo in various media (100.000+ people):

 –   Newsletters out of the Value-Based Health Care center Europe (ca. 25.000 recipients).

 – (including link to organization’s website).

 –   (After)movies about the Value-Based Health Care Prize Event.

 –   Brochures and flyers

2.    Allowed to use “Partner of the Value-Based Health Care Prize 2017” in your own media outings.

3.    Organization’s logo on one of the three Excellence Awards (see picture below).

4.    Logo visible in the background during the awarding of the award.

5.    Possibility to place a banner and promotional material at the event.

6.    Invitation for two people to come to the event and networking drink afterwards.

7.    Link your company name to the powerful principles of VBHC.



Impact Value-Based Health Care Prize 2015

I. Around 50% of the Dutch hospitals were involved.

II. Over 30% of the Dutch Pharmacies were involved.

III. Around 6 million patients are potentially reached by the projects.

IV. The projects combined have over 726 connections to healthcare constituencies.

V. 12 out of the 29 projects collaborate with more than five healthcare related institutions.


Industry connect to Value-Based Health Care

Pharma: Visibility to contribute to health outcomes/cost discussion using efficiency of their drugs to outcomes/cost; thus improving patient value.

IT: Promote new IT solutions for healthcare. For example solutions on Shared Decision making.

Insurance companies: Support VBHC and brand quality in healthcare plus exposure to clients.

Patient organizations: Help to define outcome measures, patient initial conditions and patient reported outcome measures. Put the patient in the center of care delivery.

Medical: Promote new equipment and innovations and link your company to the principles of Harvard and the VBHCE.

Research: Create exposure for your research project and brand relevance through VBHC.


For more information on partnership packages, check out our Brochure. In case you have another idea for promotion? Feel free to discuss that with us.